Many images on my website are available to collectors and investors. If you find something of interest please contact my galleries listed below or email me directly. Much of my present day photography is made with Nikon digital and Leica film cameras. Please note thatphotographs from my early career are scarce due to the ravages of time and travel around the world. Color was especially challenging in the sweltering, cockroach infested guest rooms of Southeast Asia. One tends to think less of replenishing chemicals during a Cambodian gun battle just outside your bathroom window.

Wire service photographers used color negative which was notorious for degrading rapidly versus the more archival transparency film used by Time, Newsweek and other agency shooters. The fact that any of my early work has survived for over a quarter century is a miracle of itself and only after careful restoration work am I able to offer a selection of signed prints. My work is available in various sizes and editions which are printed in Hamburg, Germany on the finest quality color archival and black and white silver gelatin papers in the business.